Privacy Policy

Sometime we obtain non-public personal information to you and your agents through telephone. Just we obtain the followings information: When you sign up on this website then all your information the you enter come database of our site and it is save automatically. All your information is saved on our site along with your comments and those mails that you use at the time of sign up. It will remain save on our site along the life of our website. So you don’t have to take tension about your personal information. We can also edit or delete your comments from our site on your request. So if you want to delete your personal information or g-mails which you use at the time of sign up then we can delete it on your request. Mostly people request us to export their website on my website because they give much benefit and traffic through our website. If you not know procedure of export date on our website then you can contact us through this email ( If you want to work along with us by uploading your content and images on our site then it is possible and we are providing you this opportunity to you. In spite of it, if you want to delete all your content and collection of data then we immediately we act upon your request and delete it from our website.

About media

We understand to you to upload your personal images date with GPS location. Through this visitors may see your images data with GPS locations and download. When you upload any image or photo on our site then we trace your location by our tight security GPS system. So you don’t have to worry about it. Thank You.